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Fueled by a love of free-speech, creative impulse, and an alternative to the MASS-DISTRACTION called media, Bomb Flow Magazine is dedicated to providing readers with legitimate content through crafty design, quality photography & progressive ideas. We are not your typical kayak/surf-magazine full of LAME energy drink ads and pre-paid reviews. We actually care about what we print and who we support. Take the time to care about what you read and help us UN-PLUG CORPORATE MEDIA MALARKEY. Below are some creative mo-fos who make Bomb Flow a reality. Live the dream. Go with the Flow.

For general inquiries please contact: info@bombflow.com
 or if you need something more specific check below.
Want to write a real live letter or stop by our Headquarters? Please do: 109 East Main St. Ste #5 Bozeman, MT 59715

Todd Heath :: Chief Motivator / Art Director

Tyler Maxwell :: Creative Director / Producer / Certified Life Coach

Jason Johnson :: Content Manager /  Photographer

Ben Fjare  ::  Digital Content Manager

Gregg Alexander  ::  Senior Photographer /  Photo Editor

Ben Marr :: Athlete / Contributor / Party Liason

Meg Haywood-Sullivan :: Cultural Correspondence / Photographer

Evan Garcia :: Substantial Media House Co-owner / Athlete / Contributor to Bomb Flow

Fred Norquist :: Substantial Media House Co-owner / Athlete / Contributor to Bomb Flow

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