Product Review: Kona Red

KonaRed… a Hawaiian antioxidant juice that helps fight sickness & disease, battle inflammation, and provides a long-lasting mood boost. I had my first bottle of this tasty beverage when I was battling a mind-bending hangover in the tropics, and boy was my mood boosted! No wonder they call it Hawaii’s ALOHA juice! Add a few shots of your favorite mixer and you’ve got yourself a wonderful remedy to tackle any depressing day. This powerful drink is made from the fruit surrounding the coffee bean although suprisingly tastes nothing like it. In-fact, Kona Red is much more appealing to me than it’s evil fraternal twin, because it tastes better and provides me with a healthier option to get my morning boost. First, drink it cold. In fact, drink it on the rocks with plenty of cheap vodka*. The flavor is so damn good, you can’t taste the booze!  The product works well to fight disease (and benders) because of it’s high level of antioxidants.  It also helps people recover faster from exercise or help those with achy joint pains because of it’s anti-inflammatory agents. Think Ibuprofen mixed with healthy fruit drink and you have yourself one winning product. No wonder they call it “Paradise in a Bottle!” I’m sold.  *I’ve tried it plenty of times without booze and I still love it. The stick packs (shown to the left) are great too. Think same Kona Red goodness in powder form. Mixes quite well with water and beer and makes it easy to carry around on full day epics! -T.O. Photo: Dan Armstrong

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