Feather Fest 2011

Feather Fest 2011

By  Shon Bollok, Photos By Callie Daniel and Shon Bollok

Feather Fest is one of my favorite events in California. This year was my 5th year straight attending this event and it was larger than ever boasting over 400+ people and racers. This event has proven a success because of the help from American Whitewater, the whole race is roadside (so its spectator friendly), and a dedicated event staff committed to throwing a solid rager. This was the first race I have attended and not brought a video camera so sorry for the lack of video this time, but FYI, it did feel amazing to just sit back and enjoy the event. If you are feeling a need to check out this section though see our video page with multiple edits from previous years.

There is always a stacked race, with some of the fastest in Cali throwing down wicked fast times. This year fellow Liquidlogic athlete Taylor Robertson took the cake AGAIN for the longboat division and SUP class, with homieJustin Patt coming in a close second with only a mild amount of puking. I don’t remember who took first for short boat but I do know that fellow Shasta Boy and good friend Chris Korbulic took second after just stepping off a plane from Brazil, like a boss. Here are some photos of the event courtesy of Callie Daniel and myself.

Many are calling this the “Gauley Fest” of the west and it has the potential to only get bigger. With warm Cali temps, a great party, and a shweet section of river, the Feather fest is a true gem for an event in late September. Next year if you find yourself in Cali during the early fall this is one event you won’t want to miss. We had an impromptu WORLD PREMIER of Slippery When Wet at Feather Fest and received a great response from the audience. This kicked off the Slippery When Wet tour and next stop is looking like Auburn California. Keep posted to the Shasta Boyz facebook for all the details and if you haven’t got a copy of SWW yet BUY one here!!!

Thanks for all the support, look forward to seeing you in Auburn later this month!

Check out more Pictures at www.shastaboyz.com



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